Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pictures from the MTC 3-6-2013

Whereever Lauren is there is a party!  It seems that is the case at the MTC as well.  It is such a tender mercy that her brother Clark is working at the MTC and can see and even help teach her.  Her cousin Greg was also in the MTC the first week preparing to go to Oklahoma.  And, of course, Lauren also has seveeral dear friends who are in the MTC at the same time as her.   In fact, her companion told Clark, " I can't believe it but every place we go in the MTC Lauren knows somebody!" Nebraska will never be the same!

 Lauren and her 1st companion, Sister Pettyjohn

 Lauren with the other sisters in her district

 Lauren with old Danville Friend, Lexi Patterson

 Lauren with Brother Clark (Middle) and Cousin Greg Peterson

Two Peterson cousin Missionaries (Lauren and  Cousin Greg)

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