Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 9th 2013 Letter - What a Week!

What a Week!


AHHH what an amazing week!!! Wasn't conference absolutely AMAZING??! Man i am SO grateful to be on a mission right now!! Seriously the work is moving forward and i love to have "caught the wave"! It is absolutely incredible. This week has flown by so fast! And it has been wonderful. Thank you for your prayers! i have needed them this week, so thank you thank you! So dad told me about the truck!??! oh my goodness that is terrible. I had to laugh though because for once it wasn't my fault... haha. keep me updated! how fun that you got to watch opal and eli... man i miss them. thanks for the pictures!!

So this week was incredible. I love being a missionary. I loved how in conference there was such a push to do missionary work! It is so important. I have such a greater desire to be a better missionary and to really be that "light" for the world! Keep being such great examples at home, and such great member missionaries! now as a missionary, i have grown to absolutely appreciate and adore the members who are constantly striving to teach their friends about the gospel and Jesus Christ.. because that is what this church is all about! It was wonderful to be able to watch all 4 sessions live. i loved thinking that all of my family and friends were doing the same thing at the exact same time! how fun. We watched the first session at the Lakes home, which was awesome. Haha i loved it because every time sister lake would let out an "amennn" i was feeling the same thing! it was amazing. Daniele is getting baptized at 2 this Saturday! I cannot wait! it feels like christmas! Sister whittaker and i are speaking, and sister lake is doing the musical number! it should be amazing haha. I will send pictures! the second session of conference we watched at sister webb's house and she is doing incredible. seriously a different person. It still is just such a shock for me to see her because truly she even looks like a different person! She has the light of Christ in her and it is VISIBLE. This church is true!

I wish i could tell you everything but there just isnt enough time! boo! but here are some highlights of the week:

Joe and Ashley- i cant remember if i have told you about them (?) but Joe is a less active and his daughter, Ashley, is 11 and we have been teaching her! she is adorable and loves it when we come over. We set her for baptism to be baptized this Saturday. This week we taught her and at the end of the lesson she sang us her talent show song Baby by Justin Beiber. haha she was so cute, and it was the first time her parents had heard her actually sing! she trusts us so much and i love it. So after a lunch appointment on thursday, sister whittaker had a really strong impression that we should go see Joe and Ashley. We drove over to their house, and sitting outside was a man. i instantly knew that THIS was the reason we needed to come, because we needed to talk to him! we went up to him and started talking about faith. long story short he has been looking for the truth and wants us to come teach him! we are going over there tomorrow. His name is Earl, and is amazing. The Lord truly leads us to those who are prepared, if we but listen to the spirit. It is incredible. So since we were over by Joe and Ashley's we still decided to go and talk to them. As we walked in their house, the grandma was there and all she says is that Joe moved to Alaska?!?!?! our minds were blown. He literally just picked up and left, and did not even tell his daughter. Ashley lives with her mom, who is Joe's ex wife, so Joe hadnt even told Ashley that he had moved. And because Ashley's mom is not a member and does not live in our area, it makes things so much more complicated. It is crazy to me because really satan is working so hard on those who are wanting truth. We have to remember to be doing the little things each day, like praying and reading our scriptures! in order to keep the faith. I loved in conference how obedience was so strongly emphasized. Because truly, obedience is what brings happiness! We are heart broken about ashley, but i know that God has a plan for her. He has a plan for each of us, so i will just be praying that he takes care of our little ashley!

We had dinner this week with a lady named Suzanne. She has been excommunicated, so we are teaching her because she is wanting to come back to the church! she is amazing. Her parents are super active in the church, and are some of my favorite people here. They are the Hatch's, and have become our family away from home! Brother Hatch has a thick cowboy accent, and always walks us out to our car after appointments. haha he is so wonderful. he told us this last week "if there is any ever funny business around your neighborhood or house, you holler at me and i will come over. i carry my 44 pistol with me like it is glued to my pants." hahaha he is so awesome. I have a super strong connection with Suzanne. i dont know what it is, but really i could just talk with her for hours. She is incredible and has such faith. she has been through SO much but has completely changed because of her willingness to rely on the Lord. She drove all the way to the Trail Center on Sunday, it being her sons birthday, to bring us dinner. She is an angel and i love teaching her.

The atonement is REAL. there is no doubt in my mind. If you want to change, and put your faith in Jesus Christ, He will change you. It is incredible and i get to be a witness of this every day. i love it.

I am so grateful to be a member of this church. We are so lucky to be alive at such an amazing time! "catch the wave" of missionary work! and keep being obedient to the little things. I love how in conference we were reminded that God does NOT change! It gives me such hope in such a crazy world, with a slowly corrupting government. If we follow GOD'S laws, we will be safe. Man, isn't this gospel so true? haha i love it.

Fun Facts of the Week:
1. I saw the morrisons on sunday!!! They came by the trail center and it made my day. they are so sweet, and it really felt like seeing family. i loved it.
2. i am SO grateful for my health. The sisters in my mission have a TON of health problems. i thought that i had health problems hahaha but man was i wrong. I am so grateful to be able to be happy, healthy, and excited to be here. I know the Lord has been helping me each day, and that he has sent me to this mission to help some of these sisters. I have learned so much already.
3. Everyone here is obsessed with the game MAGIC. i dont even know what it is, but i hate it haha. Focus on GOD! .. not games.

Anyway, i love you all! I am so happy and this church is true! Thank you for the emails this week! i love my Savior and know that only through Him can we be truly happy.

Lets bring the church to the streets and the streets to CHURCH!

Sister Lauren :)

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