Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh How Lovely was the Morning

Oh heyyyy!

Another week! man oh man. i can't believe it. does the time go as fast for you all as it does for me??!! hahah it is insane!

This week was so wonderful. i love being a missionary. so much! i love being continually humbled because i know that the Lord is just putting me through the refiner's fire. i pray every day that i can live up to the potential that God sees in me!

we saw miracles this week. well, we see miracles every day, but this week was incredible. I feel like things are FINALLY picking up and we can start the harvest! There is a CD that we have called "The Work" all about missionary work, and one of the songs on there is all about thrusting in the sickle and reaping with all your might. haha it has been playing in my head non stop all week! it's just about that time!

So this week we had an AWESOME lesson with our investigator, Tom. His wife is less active and we have been visiting him for the past few weeks. We talked to him about the book of mormon, and he knows that he needs to read it in order to have any sort of testimony of the church. we are praying for him constantly. we have been working really hard at having a member at all of our lessons, and with this lesson in particular it was so powerful to have a member there. he is so great and needs to be baptized!

We had an awesome experience with Sister Tillman - the first one was on wednesday. we went to her house to have a lesson, and it was sister palmer's turn to take the lead in the lesson. well, long story short, she didnt ever take the lead. ha. and i have been trying really hard to not just do it for her, so we ended up just not having a lesson. it was a great learning experience for her and me. so we set up a time to come back on friday, and we brought a member with us. it was such an incredible lesson. i felt like the words coming out of my mouth were literally solely the spirit's. it was awesome. i told her (well, the spirit told her) that she was breaking her baptismal covenant with God by not coming to church, and we committed her to coming on sunday. the spirit was tangible and she said she would come. having the member there to testify as well was awesome. yay for members!

So.... Sister Tillman (Less active of about 5 years) came to church on Sunday!!!!!!! ahhhh it was the best feeling sitting next to her and watching her take the sacrament for the first time in 5 years. it makes me cry just thinking about it! the sacrament is SO important, and to be a part of her decision to keep her covenants again is such a sacred privilege. it was a tender mercy.

On Thursday we had a specialized training for all of the trainers and trainees in the mission. it was awesome, and just what i needed. it is hard not to feel inadequate and to feel like i am not living up to my potential. but i was really humbled, and am starting to work even harder, and also go about my missionary work differently. i have realized that i havent been focusing enough on helping my companion, and selfishly worrying about the success of our area. when really, we wont have success until i teach sister palmer more effectively. please pray for me. the work is progressing, but it is all on the Lord's time! 

Fun news: 

1. Our ward has created two assistant ward mission leaders, and have called 10 ward missionaries! it is so awesome, and seriously this area is just about ready to explode. i love being a part of it!

2. this sunday is our missionary fireside/concert! there are songs written by sisters/elders, and lots of hymns/efy songs. i am singing Praise to the Man or something like that... its an efy version that is super pretty. 

3. it has been 95 degrees with high humidity the past 4 days. haha no need to shower, because you step outside and sweat instantly!

4. i spent my p day running around the park while sister palmer wrote in her journal. i was in heaven. it felt good to know i can still run 4 miles! havent lost it all..yet... haha. moo.

love you all! so grateful to be here. so grateful that Joseph Smith had the faith to pray on that "lovely spring morning". i know this is what the Lord wants me to be doing right now. This truly is "the Good Life" :)

all my love,

Sister Peterson

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