Thursday, September 12, 2013

I left my heart in Tabor, Iowa

Family. Friends.

Well. as you probably can guess from my title, transfers were this week! What a crazy week. seriously. my emotions were out of control haha. 

i got the call on thursday morning that i was being transferred out of Glenwood, and would be serving in the Ralston La Vista ward/the Trail Center. My companion is Sister Barton from Draper, Utah who has been out for 12 weeks. Sister Palmer is staying in Glenwood and training!

i kind of knew i was going to be transferred, just because president weston had hinted that i would only be away from the trail center for 3 months (2 transfers). So when he called, i was ok. We spent thursday visiting members of the ward that have become my family, and the less actives that we have been working with. The whole day i was feeling pretty good, and i felt assured that i needed to be in Ralston (not really knowing why).

So. Friday morning. ha. i thought that i could sneak out of Tabor without a tear. wrong. I had to say goodbye to Sister Baggs on friday morning, and i am not kidding, it was the hardest thing i think i have ever had to do. She is 85 years old, never leaves her house, and her health isnt the greatest. all of those things in consideration, saying goodbye to her thinking i will probably never see her again (at least not in this life!) ripped out my heart. ah. i cant even write about it without crying. i love that woman. so much.

i cried the entire 45 minutes from Tabor to Omaha. driving through the 15 minute corn field drive for the last time almost killed me. i just realized while typing that how ridiculous that sounds, ha but Tabor literally feels like home. I love that place, i love the people, and will forever remember my experiences there. I truly can say i left part of my heart and soul in that tiny town. man.

well. I didnt die, so that's good! :)

I was praying to know why i was sent to the Ralston area (which, fun fact: is the mission presidents ward). I received that answer when i met my companion. Sister Barton.

Sister Barton has been out for 3 months, so she just finished being trained (so i am her follow-up trainer). Her trainer is a sister who has a lot of health problems, and suffers from severe migraines. Well, because of this, i have come to find out, that nothing has been done in Ralston for almost 6 months... literally. I feel like we are opening up an area, it is that bad. and sister Barton really has not been trained because her companion was sick every day. So we have a lot of work to do! But, sister Barton is the most incredible girl ever. She is SO happy, SO obedient, and SO willing to work hard. We get along great. we are going to see miracles like crazy. i CANNOT WAIT.

Sister Barton told me during our first companionship study that she had prayed for five things in a new companion:

1. diligent
2. fun
3. obedient
4. confident
5. a friend

she cried as she explained to me that she felt like her prayer was answered by us being companions, and how she was excited to finally start her mission. I cried as well, thanking Heavenly Father that He assigned me to be her companion. He is so aware of us, and i truly am so excited to be serving here.

So i have been super nervous about working at the Trail Center visitor center. When i was at the trail center before, i feel like there was a lot of wasted time, and i couldnt be fully consecrated there. I have been praying for strength to be able to maintain the things i have learned while full proselyting, while still being a good visitor center sister.

in answer to my prayer, i took my first tour since being back at the TC on saturday. It was absolutely incredible. It was a family of 7, all non members. Usually, or at least before, i would be pretty timid about taking non members through, just because i was nervous about being bold. i dont know. lame excuse. well, coming from full proselyting and now having people coming to ME is literally SO AMAZING! hahaha having people even want to talk to us is amazing, let alone letting me take them on a tour! so i was so excited/giddy. Long story short, the tour was amazing, and i was able to hand out 3 book of mormons and commit them to reading it. it was awesome, and definitely gave me the assurance that being at the TC again would be alright. 

my first day back at the trail center we had a training (the saturday morning trainings) and they had me sing for the musical number. i say "abide with me", and i really felt like i was pouring out my love to the Lord. it was an amazing experience.

I cannot wait for the rest of my mission. i dont know when the change came, but i feel like a different person than i was even just a few months ago. I really feel like the Lord is letting me re-do some of the mistakes/weaknesses i have with now being in Ralston. i am so excited i could dance around! ha.

i love this church with all of my soul. i know that it is the only true church on earth. i know it. i love my savior so much, and i feel so blessed to be a missionary it makes me want to weep! 

all my love,

Sister Peterson

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