Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Humbly kneeling sweet appealing"

Thank you for all of your sweet notes, cards, and love! i am feeling 100% better than last week ha and am grateful for the humbling experience of being sick. It is amazing how the Lord is able to heal us, and get us back to work so fast. It really is remarkable, and i have felt his love more this past week than ever before. I know that He lives. I know that He is perfectly aware of us.
It was transfer week, and "the phone rang" on thursday morning. I had felt like i was probably going to leave Ralston, and now looking back the Lord really prepared me to do so. I was able to see everyone that i have come to love there, and saying goodbye was not as hard as i imagined. However, when President called on Thursday to tell me that i would be moving to Lake Cunningham, and would be serving as the new Trail Center Leader, i was completely shocked and overwhelmed. I think my heart literally almost popped out of my chest, it was beating so fast ha. I have been humbled, and have really come to learn this week that the Lord doesnt call the strong or the perfect to do His work. All He asks is that we strive to follow Him, and He makes up the difference. I am so grateful for His trust.. it honestly amazes me, and i have never felt so inadequate. I also feel like it has been a dream because i am now serving with my best friend on the mission, Sister Brough. We came out together, and i never imagined actually being companions! it has been too fun, and i am so grateful to have the chance to learn from her. She is incredible.
I had a really neat experience on Friday, the day that all the craziness started! we went to transfer point, changed companions, and then Sister Brough and i went back to the Trail Center to start working on the schedule for the transfer. Before we started, we went into the memorial room to squeeze in our personal study and companionship study. In my personal i read Alma 32, which i have read a 1000 times. But this time it was so enlightening, and i really felt the Lord's confidence in me to be able to fulfill all of the new responsibilities i will have. As i cried in prayer and asked "How am i going to do this?" i was quickly, and sweetly chastised by the spirit with the answer "YOU arent the one doing this work. It is through HIS strength that we can do all things". i immediately knew that i needed to repent, and completely trust in the Lord.
That trust and reliance on Him has been greatly used the past few days! we were able to finish the schedule, figure out the training for Saturday morning Trail Center Training, and also plan the new sister orientation that was on Saturday afternoon. My brain felt like jello by the end of saturday night, ha but without fail the Lord gave us just enough strength to get everything done.. along with having it all run smoothly! It really was a miraculous weekend.

We had a ward coordination meeting on sunday morning, and i just laughed the whole time as we discussed some of the problems in this ward. parole, house arrest, abuse were all the hottest topic. It was a great welcome to the area. ha but it all sincerity i am SO excited to be in this area. It is so prepared, and i know we will see miracles!
I was able to speak in church on Sunday, and i already love the ward. The people are so humble, and they love the missionaries. I am excited! there is a lot of work to do. Sister Brough and i also taught the 14 year old sunday school class, and we basically taught the Plan of Salvation to them through song. it was super fun to sing primary songs and hymns in order to teach.. sister brough and i will be singing a lot.. i cant wait.
Because of the business at the trail center this weekend, We had just a few hours in our area. But it was amazing to see the miracles that happened in just a short amount of time. I know that the Lord consecrated our efforts. We were able to find a new investigator, named Carla, who we will be teaching tonight! we were trying a potential investigator when we met her, and she is so prepared. We also met a less active woman named Ashley, who is darling and has invited us back to teach her and her 8 year old son. The Lord led us to so many different people, and i feel like all we had to do was just "be there" and the Lord did the rest. i am so grateful.
Sorry this is such a long email, i hope you were able to read all of it. I am doing so well. I love Omaha. I love being a missionary. I am so thankful for the many opportunities that have been handed to me, and i know it is because the Lord needs me to improve. and i am excited to do so.

i love you all, and feel so grateful to have such wonderful support from back home. know that i love you all as well!

Sister Peterson

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